About the Illustrator

Kristy grew up in rural and coastal Taranaki, New Zealand where she spent much of her time escaping to libraries to read, write, draw, and indulge in her imagination. After finishing her secondary education top of her class with the award for Dux, she moved to the creative capital (Wellington) to study what she was most interested in; art and design. In 2010 she graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor of Design majoring in photography, though drawing was always her preferred creative outlet. It wasn’t until she discovered the discipline of illustration that she knew how to turn drawing into a career. Unsatisfied with photography and documenting the real world, her work would eventually steer down a path towards illustration with the use of photo compositing and photo manipulation. Her graduating exhibit blurred the lines between photography and painting with surrealist self-portraits she constructed based on old fairy tales and nursery rhymes – some of which she sold as art prints at Eyeball Kicks Gallery between 2010 and 2012. With a lifelong love of drawing faces and figures, Kristy started her professional career painting commissioned watercolour portraits, constructing imaginary scenes that aimed to both capture the subject’s personality and to tell a story. Her work has since expanded to character design, poster design, cover artwork, colouring pages, Christmas cards, and collaborative illustrations for educational resources. Working mostly digitally but occasionally with watercolour, she specializes in children’s illustration and is passionate about picture books. Much of her inspiration stems from the work of picture book authors and illustrators and their unique ability to encapsulate the magic, wonder and curiosity of childhood. Kristy also attained a Certificate in Early Childhood Education at the Wellington Nannies College in 2010 and worked for a wonderful family as their nanny for several years before moving to Canada with her husband. She is now working as a freelance illustrator from her home studio in New Westminster, Canada. As an artist she finds nothing more fulfilling than the creative process; planting the seed of an idea and nurturing it until it develops a life of its own. Her artwork is a representation of how she sees the world; in vivid colour and as though through a magnifying lens – fixated on the intricate details. It is also a representation of her ethic, as she is scrupulous by nature and devotes herself to each piece of art she creates. You can find recurring elements and themes underlying her work of connectedness, empathy, the diversity of both people and nature, and a celebration of life’s idiosyncrasies. Kristy is an observant introvert at heart with a penchant for collecting, a passion for ballet, gardening, and 1960s design. Though she takes a lot of inspiration from the bustle of the city, she enjoys the quiet spots that let her ideas stir.