About the Illustrator

Kristy grew up in Taranaki, New Zealand and is now working freelance from her home studio in New Westminster, Canada. She graduated from Massey University of Wellington in 2010 with a Bachelor of Design (Honours), but is mainly self-taught in illustration. With a lifelong love of portraiture, she started out painting unconventional children’s portraits, constructing imaginary scenes and opting for character over standard sentimentality. Her work has since expanded to character design, poster design, cover artwork, colouring pages, and collaborative illustrations for educational resources. Working mostly digitally but occasionally with watercolour, she specializes in children’s illustration and is passionate about picture books. Much of her inspiration stems from the work of picture book authors and illustrators and their unique ability to encapsulate the magic, wonder and intensity of childhood. Having worked previously as a qualified nanny, Kristy loved reading to kids and was drawn to the shared experience of storytelling between adult and child. As an artist she finds nothing more fulfilling than the ability to dream up an idea and see it materialize on paper or screen. You can find recurring elements throughout her artwork of expression through movement (particularly in the form of dance) and the wondrous diversity of nature. Kristy is an introvert at heart with a penchant for collecting, and though she takes a lot of inspiration from the bustle of the city, she enjoys the quiet spots that let her ideas stir.